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Measurements surveys & troubleshooting
ScanVibra performs noise and vibration measurements during sea trials, and for vessels in service with known problems or other need for investigation.
During sea trials, the purpose always includes the documentation of noise and vibration levels, comparison with requirements, and the identification of problem areas. Consideration is given to comfort for crew and passengers, as well as to reliability and risk of damage to machinery, equipment and structure.
When noise or vibration problems are found, the job is to find solutions, applying the best possible tools:
Advanced measurement equipment and signal analysis tools
Onboard analysis/calculation tools
Skills, in-depth understanding and experience
Ship noise and vibration problems are very different in terms of technical difficulty. In some cases, experienced specialists can advise simple 'fixes' on the spot. In other cases, extensive studies are required in co-operation between owner, yard, propeller/engine manufacturer and the noise and vibration specialists.
A special note on 'old' ships with problems: New developments, 'add-on' solutions and similar, mean that it might be possible to find solutions, even though past efforts did not succeed.

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