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Noise reduction


ScanVibra provides recommendations on all relevant noise reducing measures:


Resilient mountings for engines, machinery and equipment
Low-noise propellers & propeller noise reduction
Selection of low-noise machinery and equipment
Floating floors and other noise reducing deck coverings
Visco-elastic damping
Silencers etc. for ventilation and HVAC
Acoustic enclosures
Exhaust silencers
Low-noise accommodation design
Room-to-room sound insulation (e.g. in way of noisy rooms)
Low impact noise (e.g. noise from steps on overhead decks)


Some noise reducing measures are straightforward and may be readily laid down. However, the experienced review is always important in order to spot problems - or risk of problems - and introduce the appropriate precautions.


Recommendations include design principles, selection of components and materials, and when necessary detail review and analysis of critical major items.

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Noise & vibration analysis
Design reviews
Measurement services

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